11:11 and spiritual awakening.

OTP 11:11

I started meditation and some other spiritual practices. One day when I was booking a cab i received an OTP of 11:11 and it initiated spiritual awakening in me.

Spiritual awakening code
OTP 11:11

What I have experienced is that 11:11 is a communication from other dimensional beings. As we all are aware that numbers are the language of the universe. Some people call it angel number. What I think is that it is a portal of your mind and when you encounter this number, it says that you have become one with the source or God whatever you want to believe in.

Spiritual alignment with the universe

What I found on internet is that people talk about manifestation all the time when they encounter 11:11. But I have experienced something more. 11:11 is a sign that you have successfully established a connection with the universe.

There will be a purge to go inside and connect to your inner being, your soul. As we all are aware that it is our soul which is everything. 11:11 means you are becoming one with your soul. It is also known as perfect alignment with the source. Now you will think alignment for what?

Alignment for whatever the source wants you to do. So when you see this number in an unexplainable manner, it means that you are aligned with your soul. In other simple words you are doing what your soul wants to do. It is an initiation of a connection to source and one can make this connection strong by doing inner work like meditation.

DNA activation

Most of the time this code (11:11) is sent to star seeds because they contain some valuable information in their DNA. When they encounter this number they go through some measure spiritual transformation. Transformation as deep as cellular level. During this transformation their DNA gets activated and they receive informations from akashic records without any prior knowing and reading about it.

Nature for star seeds

If we are going through this transformation and spiritual awakening then we should not resist it. Try to be in nature as much as possible and away from people as much as possible for time being. Because you will not make sense to people around you anymore and some of them can consider you crazy or lunatic. Where it is not like that, in fact you are coming out of a fake prison.

Soul is taking charge

You will feel like you are receiving an unexplainable intelligence from within and it just pops up in your mind. It is your soul giving you information and your job is to share it with others in a way you are passionate about. During this DNA level transformation you should use nature to heal you. The best natural healing for DNA activation is morning sun rays.

DNA healing from sunlight
Morning Sun Rays

When you will expose yourself in nature and sunlight specially when you are going through a cellular level transformation, you will feel unexplainable healing. In this process your job is to make the connection strong with your soul by using meditation, devotion or madness. Choice is yours.

Biological impact of 11:11

When you encounter this number, it is a signal that you can access your complete mind. As we all are aware about awakening means, opening of third eye. Once it is opened we can feel blood circulation in our entire brain. Which causes tingling in our crown chakra. Of course it is a good sign because you are connecting to the source.

This awakening will start from your root chakra and it will raise your kundalini till third eye. After that there is no way to raise your kundalini from 6th chakra third eye to 7th crown chakra. There are 3 steps to do that.

  • Trust
  • Devotion
  • Madness

You can choose anyone of them to meet divine. But for you as a star seed the universe is taking first step to make this connection, it will happen in a miraculous and spontaneous way. You may feel like someone grabbed your kundalini to the 7th chakra and become one with divine/source/universe.

In my case when I received this code of spiritual awakening I went through spontaneous kundalini awakening. A higher power guided me to write about spirituality and quotes. By following this guidance I started and later I came to know that people are selling my posts in dollars.

It is not about the money though but it is about the impact it has on people. So if you take action as per their guidance then you will see results beyond your own imagination.

Spiritual inspiring quotes.
Spiritual writing

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  1. I see no 44 ,4444 all the time I want Sai baba to guide me ,I totally believe you I am always questioning God ,going through difficult times but this angel no I think gives me hope

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