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In this article I will explain how Sai baba called me and I am still blessed and feels him everywhere. I experience baba’s blessing and he proves it scientifically.

Coincidence is the word I was getting after my awakening so I thought let’s try to understand the coincidence.

Before I start I need to inform about the way it starts.

Like 369 is key to the universe, Meditation is key to all this so I encourage you all to please meditate to know yourself leave everything and connect to yourself.


I will be talking about this in details that how science is involved in all this. Now lets start the Article #2 SHIRDI

After all the awakening part if you are not aware of this then please read Article #1

After my awakening, I started to observe all the things and as we are in synchronicity it helped me to concentrate more. If you are new to all this than don’t worry I will explain synchronicity in one of my articles.

I saw this pic on youtube


And I read the message twice which is You will have to come to Shirdi and it got my attention. I would ask you to go back and you also read it once more, you will feel good.

I planned the trip with 2 of my cousins and told them that we are going to experience something for sure and after all the explanation they agreed and came.

I told them to please surrender yourself to the divine before we leave, I seriously do not know where did it come from :D. Now on Saturday, I booked the cab on Ola and the driver was of my age. Before leaving I made sure to leave everything behind and kept faith that I am going to meet Lod Sai Baba. On this path one thing, I found that faith is first then come beliefs and trust. So first thing first faith first… 🙂

I did my usual meditation with Hanuman Chalisa and we left @ 11 exact and I saw this in his car it came in front of me, I felt blessed and then comes the coincidence and asked most of the cars in Maharastra have this.


I saw the number plate of the car and it had 786, now science says that every number has its frequency and I apologize for that you will need to google it because I am not here to explain anything I am here to share the experiences.

I was listening to some mantras in his car and he was also loving it he kept the full volume and enjoyed it with me. After some time I asked his name and he said that my name is Maruti as soon as I heard it I was so shocked and looked in front and saw this


#786 Once again please google for the meaning Nicola has already discovered this comunication medium which is numerology.

Now after all the excitement of the journey he dropped me at one of my relative’s places where I was waiting for my cousins. After a few minutes, I received a call from Maruti and he said that your Bikes key is in the car and I was shocked and I said that I am not using my bike from 4 months, and my all the good friends know it. He sent me this photo.


I was so happy and felt that I have the blessing of Hanuman because from childhood I was told all true stories of him and as per Hinduism. He is still there in this Kalyuga.

Then again came the coincidence in between and I was waiting for my cousins and got a call that the cab they booked got canceled and they have booked some other taxi car and it has the below number. Well as per Numerlogy it can be placed differently but all 3 digits of 786 have their frequencies to connect.


From that day I have stopped believing in some kind of coincidence and Faith increased at its best. As I said to my cousins I also surrendered my self to the divine energy and we left Pune.

On the way, I tried to explain the science to my cousins and they just did not understand a single thing hence I kept quiet and was enjoying the trip.

We stopped at one of the hotels to eat something and I saw this.


The same 3 numbers and in brief, it is the connection which we establish after the meditation process with the other-dimensional energy and I had the connection with it through numerology, Don’t worry I will explain it in detail in other articles.

In the temple of Lord Sai Ram I left them and was grooming around to observe something because I never came to Shirdi like this before. A normal guy came and said that dit you get the blessing and I said yes.

He asked from where ?

I said from the samadhi and the statue of Sai.

He replied to take the blessing from this Agni Jyoti and asked did not you take this earlier before when you came to Shirdi. I said no and I was speechless and sat down in front of that Jyoti. I have been there 7 8 times but this time it was really exciting. Sorry I could not take the picture of Jyoti as cameras are not allowed inside.

And it makes sense now because if you want to see and feel that energy you should be there as it is all around some time only pictures do not work 😛 So after Faith now it is Feel it, You should feel it

My cousins, they deep inside were shocked and was acting like that I have gone crazy. But if that craziness gives me these experiences Yes I am CRAZY.

After all, I consider 3 types of people in this world

1 Negative

2 Positive

3 Relatives

I know 3rd one is horrible than the other 2 and they were some one from last category so yeah leave them here only. Everyone is asking why are you doing this all and what you want to prove. Well, my answer is wisdom is something which a lot of people don’t deserve in this world I am on a path to gain it.

And by the way that key is still with the driver yar I will have to go to collect it.

Thanks for reading and please share.




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  1. Jai Mahadev 🙏🙏🙏
    you’re article is not only article this is true lines and most important part of life and relax mind

  2. Nice article bro…I an glad you are sharing this with the whole world. And I know you have a long way to go.
    Keep it up

  3. you are in sync with universe I used to see 11:11 everywhere even m y battery percentage was 11%.
    I asked Shiva to imitate me and I believe it was him who initiated me after I climbed part of a mountain.
    jai bolenath ,
    jai jagadambe

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