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Spiritual Being
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When a lightworker starts his spiritual journey, he must take care of his spiritual healing. Light workers face emotional setbacks and mental exhaustion. It leads to physical pain. Let’s talk about how one needs to take care of his spiritual emotional healing while operating between two worlds simultaneously.

Light workers remain in two worlds all the time in their daily routine. They live with Gods and at the same time with humans. Because of this, they often feel pain and a complete disconnect from earthly beings. Lightworkers feel like nobody is here to understand them. On top of that, they receive pressure from other dimensions. To keep them going despite all the miseries in this world. In this article, I will share some practices to take care of your spiritual healing.

Process of spiritual healing

In the process of kundalini’s awakening, lightworkers feel like they are superheroes. They think that they came here to save planet earth. Which is true.
But during this transformation, they go through some mazor physical changes. Physical changes like DNA activation and some changes are on a cellular level in the body.

In this process, you will need complete rest and a disconnect from the people around you if you want to grow spiritually. That is the only reason all the sadhus and saints go to sacred places like the Himalayas, or some other holy mountains. They do not find anybody to disturb them. Away from anybody who messes up with their divine energy. In other word it works for them like spiritual healing retreat. Once they master all of it and return to our society. They bring some revolutionary knowledge to us.

Lord Shiva

Spiritual healing during ascension

Now you must be thinking that if you have become one with God. Why do you have problems in your life? I asked the same question.
They said – Do you know Lord Ram, he was a king yet had to suffer 14 years of Vanvas. Ram had to quit all the luxuries and suffered from all the problems. Ram suffered for food and shelter. But he did it for his divine purpose. When Lord Ram was not able to escape from his karma, who are you?
You should ask yourself in this situation if you have problems like Lord Ram in your life. I don’t think so.

Now let’s talk about how we can take care of our problems and suffering during your spiritual journey. But before you proceed to read, I want to say that it applies to those who are working as a light worker, chosen one, or who are pursuing their purpose.

The time factor on spiritual journey.

Most of the time, the answer or the healing to your mysteries exists in time. In reality, you don’t suffer from your present situation. You suffer your past, you suffer your future. You think of what has happened or what will happen.
If you rehearse meditation, you can become a master of time. In other terms, you can simply escape time. You can become live for the present moment. It will remove the unnecessary burden from your past. Unnecessary anxiety about the future. It may not make sense to everyone. It does make sense to you simply because you are different. And because you can do it. As a spiritual being, you should think about what is happening now not what has happened or what will? In other word, time just does not exist for spirits so what they have is now, no past no future.

Light workers struggle with others.

Now, this is very interesting. When you are an awakened soul, you will see that sometimes earthly relations with other people are not making any sense to you. You will be able to sense their selfish nature. It gets worst when it involves your family members. You will understand that most of your problems are not yours. Your problem is the attachment to the person who is the cause of the problems. That is why we have Sanyasa in Hinduism. Where they leave everyone and go away from everything.

Lord shiva quotes
Spiritual Path

I am not saying that you should do that. But I want to say that analyse your miseries and find out the reason behind them. Trust me you will be surprised.
Soul awakening is a process that separates you from everything and connects you to the supreme being. And when they separate you from everything. You should separate your miseries from them also. It is not easy. But as an awakened soul it is easy for you and the only way to escape from all these miserable conditions caused by others.

When I asked my higher self about all this miserable uncomfortable situation because of others, they replied that we are aware about all this and because of that one reason we stay away and alone from all this. That is the only way to stop all this. But if you decide to remain there among with all the people then there will always be circumstances. You can either balance it or walk away from it.

They said now don’t come back with same situation and ask for the guidance because the solution remains the same. Walk away from it or balance it.

Spiritual healing path
Spiritual world

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