The Code of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is always linked to 11:11. It plays a significant role in spiritual awakening. I want to share my experiences with you all. It all started the day I was booking a cab and received an OTP as 11:11.

OTP 11:11

I have experienced something in my spiritual journey and the encounter of the number 11:11. I would like to describe this process as below.

Spiritual awakening

When you encounter this number in a way that you can not possibly explain. It will feel like a higher intelligence is trying to reach you. In my case, it was about writing. I followed the guidance and started writing. Later, I saw that some people were making YouTube videos of my articles, and my posts started to go viral. If you can align your actions with spiritual awakening (11:11). Then the results or the outcome of your actions become unbelievable and unexplainable.

Kundalini awakening

There will be activation in your DNA. You may go through a cellular-level transformation, you can consider this an approval for your awakening. It is like you are good to go into other dimensions. There are some chances that you may experience a spontaneous kundalini awakening. It is also the initial process of spiritual ascension.

Action time

Because you are in perfect alignment with the Source so should take action as much as you can towards what you are passionate about in your life. The intelligence and guidance will come. There are some physical actions you are supposed to take. 

You should consider this number as communication from other dimensions. They communicate when there is something you need to do. 

Find out what it is and start doing it. The best practice for that is meditation. You will receive good ideas. If you can apply your physical actions to those ideas, the results will surprise you. You will realise that it is a new level of intelligence. Spiritual awakening will also initiate a transformation in your body and in your mind.

Spiritual alignment
Spiritual quotes

Grow spiritually

A lot of people on the internet talk about manifestation. 100% of people want to manifest money so they talk about money manifestation. And it is funny that by talking about it, they are making money out of it. 

When you see this number so many times it means that you have an awakened mind now. A mind becomes one with the Source.

Leave the manifestation part, dive into yourself and let your inner being lead you towards something. You never know if it is beyond money and success. Indeed, The Source or whatever you believe in does not do anything in our physical reality. But it can give us ideas, guidance, or intelligence that can pop right away into our heads.

Spiritual growth

The Code of intelligence

If one can use that intelligence in action, one can do whatever one wants to do in life. The moral of the story is that 11:11 means you have become one with the source, call it spiritual enlightenment or you can call it a perfect alignment with the source. Now it is your job to make the most out of it.

In my case, It was all about writing and I started it. Now people are making clothes of my writing and posts are going viral everywhere. Read about it in below article.

The obstacle remover



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  1. You write well. The Truth of it – no one knows but it brings forth optimism, devotion and serenity. You’re beautiful internally. 🕉️

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