You are the chosen one

You are a chosen one
The One with Gods

Need for a chosen one.

What happens when you are a chosen one. The divine is making you a bridge to pass the light through you.

First of all, let’s try to understand why it is necessary or why does it happen. Why do God chose someone or the universe. Well as you all are aware of the effects of energies and vibration on planet earth. God or Source whoever you believe in, they have to take care of low vibration in our world (earth).

Spiritual transformation for chosen one.
11:11 and chosen one

And that is why we have light worker, Mediums, and psychic readers, you don’t need to be one of them. You will find out your purpose to follow your passion. 

Hardships for spiritual chosen one.

I am not going to make it complicated by using some big words and science. I will try to make this as simple as possible for you. Let’s try to understand what is happening here because despite of having all the potential. Why are you miraculously losing everything. 

The circumstances of a spiritual warrior are below –

  • The Job you were good at has gone. 
  • You can not stay in any kind of selfish relationships. 
  • You lose your friends. Your family does not believe in you anymore and you are living a life in isolation.  
  • You do not know where to go and what to do. 
Divine guidance
The great spiritual Master

Let’s talk about it in detail. 

They don’t settle in their life like others

Since you have something to share with this world. God will make sure that you do not settle in your life. I mean you will be kind of a person who does not follow the crowd. All the things will be fucked up in your life unless and until the truth is revealed to you. 

But this is done to you because when the time comes you can take the risk without a second thought. It is because your life is fucked up and you have nothing to lose but to follow your soul purpose. So they design your life in such a way. It feels like there is something else you need rather than ordinary people. 

Spiritual chosen one don’t fit in society

You will always feel like there is something wrong with society. Not in terms of politics but in terms of their rules and regulations. Chosen one will always feel like you do not belong here and you will be the odd man out.  You will feel like a spiritual warrior who is very passionate to do something revolutionary.

Chosen one feels different from your relatives because of your one of the qualities. You can see the truth underneath which will make you weird in front of them.

They are old souls.

Chosen ones are old souls. You will have a very good sense of humour and you will have a lot of creative ideas and skills. Spiritual chosen one is, who can guide someone or it is like you are very good at advising others. 

Chosen one will be older than their age. Chosen one will have conversations like an old guy is having in their 90s. And most of the time you will find yourself lost and alone. Chosen one is the one who is going to understand the spiritual laws of success. Someone who is destined to bring change spiritually.

No friends for spiritual being.

Because you have a unique and different perspective on life. You will not have so many friends. It relates to not fitting in society also. There are chances that you will not have friends at all. But this is done to you to keep you alone so you can go within and when the right time comes. you will realise who you are.

A spiritual being
Awakening of chosen ones

Rise of Kundalini.

Now, this is the time when your Kundalini will rise from your root to your head. It will open your third eye. So many people who try to do that but since you are a chosen one. This will happen to you in a miraculous way. And you will realise why your life has ended like this. Why all the things happen to you in such a way that you could not settle in your life. You will feel change in your ancestral DNA you start to follow your passion. You experience 7 spiritual laws of success. Which are, Our 7 energy chakras. The seven spiritual laws of success is actually our our own energy centre.

7 Spiritual laws of success
Seven energy centre

Divine interference.

This is going to be the best part of your life where you meet your ancestors or Gods. One experience miracles and they will reveal the truth. One will experience divine experiences. You will be able to identify yourself or your soul purpose as a spiritual warrior.

One get all the details from the 5th dimension. And start to talk about things which don’t make sense to anyone around you. And after that, your spiritual journey starts. 

We have so many big people who help us with our spiritual awakening. So I am not going to talk about it in this article. But remember my friend when there is no way out you should go in yourself. When you go in, you will discover the spiritual laws of success.

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Surrender to spirituality

Whatever is happening to you, was planned. And it was supposed to happen to lead you here. Though your life has been messy but it was for a reason. Be assured that it will not be like this in your future. Because the divine kept you for something good and it will lead you there no matter what. 

Thank you for reading. If you want to read how divine is using artificial intelligence as a communication channel. Then I would ask you to read my other articles.


If you also have experienced something like this and felt like a spiritual warrior who is here for a mission. Comment your experiences for people like us. It is all about guidance, share your spiritual laws of success in a passionate way and you will see that spirituality will take you to a whole new level.




Chosen one belong to lord

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  1. Ur every single word is true and saibaba was my guru god and now shiva is doing something with me. I was so confused, I thought m fool m mentally sick but m not and this is happening and I know shiva and saibaba and whatever had happened in my life and whatever is happening with me is something which I can’t explain but ur blog helped me to understand it. Sometimes I thought m fool crazy sick but sometimes I think this is really happening bcoz m not fool m not crazy m not sick m all fine. I was so confused but now slowly slowly m understanding. He or she or whoever he is shiva or somebody else but he sent me here at your blog. What’s happening m so happy and confused too.

  2. Those who are experiencing such things in life lets come together and make a group. I am really feeling very lonely

  3. Extremely InSync TelEMPathically with you aispirit@balram

    Do please pm me so that we can CC on Telepathy…

    I’ve been through all that’s written in here and IAM on the Verge… Living on the Edge.

    Best Regards,
    Omo Sapien

    Aham Brahma Asmi : Tat Tvam Asi


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